Remodeling and Addditions

Our renovations evolve a dated and functionally obsolete room into a cutting edge and efficient space. We can transform an antique into a glimmering piece of art. Most common on the chopping block are kitchens and bathrooms. We get extremely good pricing on appliances and plumbing fixtures. The discounts are passed to our customers and help them maximize their buying power. Many of our renovations are one and only designs. Extremely unique and tailored to the specific client we are building them. Our services take the client from a mere concept, to the finished project.

We work with designers and architects to get the layout, aesthetics, lighting and functionality right where the client wants them. We manage the entire build with as much or as little client intervention as they see necessary. We stand behind our products and service our clientele with a deep sense of urgency and respect. Our goal is to leave each person with an experience that will have them selling our next project for us through a referral. Most clients end up becoming our friends in the process. They leave us their keys and call us for service on all of their home needs long beyond the completion of the renovation.